A Past Journey

Once upon a time, many years ago in Polygyros, in the courtyard of our father's house, the women of the neighborhood would gather to make soap..

At dawn they would light the fire, put the cauldron on the fireplace and start the process. Oil, salt, water, caustic soda..

All heated slowly , stirred unhurried, until the soap thickened. The women would make the sign of the cross over it, spit the evil eye away, and each one would express her opinion..

With the process completed the cauldron would be removed from the fire, covered with a cloth until the soap cooled and thickened, so as to be cut into blocks, placed onto shelves, to be air-dried. Thirty days later it would be stored in cardboard boxes ready for the cleanliness of home and family..

Delivered to Present

Today, following the Polygyrian and monastic tradition, aware of the healing properties of olive oil, in combination with aromatic herbs, herbal oils and bee products, we created at the sixth kilometre of the national road between Polygyros and the village of Gerakini, within the olive groves, at the hut of our grandfather, the ''Traditional Handmade Soap Workshop". Therein lies innovation, leaning with respect onto tradition yet gazing the future with optimism..

Within this workshop soap is produced, poured into molds, sealed, dried, aged, followed by packaging and promotion to the market, Greek and foreign..

By this handmade soap production we wish to remind of images and scents of the past and suggest alternative ways for the vocational rehabilitation of young people..

So travel with us onto the paths of tradition and ecology, that hide within them hope for a green, sustainable, natural, human future. Travel within the secrets of traditional handmade soap, the hidden knowledge of life and nature..

Our Soaps

Traditional / The moisturizing and nourishing properties of olive oil grant absolute cleanliness to the epidermis without chemical residues left behind. Ideal for babies.

Laurel / Rejuvenates and acts against the epidermal aging process. Strengthens and grants shine to the hair. Suitable for the scalp.

Lavender / Nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis, controls facial acne, grants psychosomatic relaxation against daily stress.

Pine-Eucalyptus / Cleanses deeply hair, face and body, leaving a feeling of freshness and well-being.

Propolis / Heals wounds of face and body by its antibacterial and antiseptic action. Ideal agent against acne.

Ylang-Ylang / Tightens the epidermal pores, regulates sebum of skin and controls intense sweating. Ideal agent against stress, depression, insomnia.


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